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3 Reasons Why Honey Is a Good Sunburn Remedy

You may love nothing more than spending a day at the beach or on the lake, but it can become a huge risk if you forget the sunscreen. Even though you may not feel the redness developing on your skin throughout the day, you might be in a lot of pain after several hours of exposure. Many people don't think sunburn is a big deal, but it can lead to various skin conditions. If you're unsure what to do about your red, burnt skin, consider these reasons why honey is a good sunburn remedy rather than waiting in pain for it to heal.

It Expedites Healing

Dealing with sunburn can be a painful experience, but there's not much you can do once it happens. Many ailments and illnesses warrant a trip to the doctor, but sunburn requires time to allow the body to heal from the inside out. Although you can apply topical solutions to make it bearable, time is the ultimate healer. However, using raw honey as a topical ointment can actually speed up skin healing.

Interestingly, honey contains incredible vitamins and nutrients, making it a natural wound healer. You'll start feeling much better immediately, and your skin will return to normal sooner than it would without applying honey.

Honey Provides Comfort and Relief

You're probably full of regret and pain when you have a sunburn, but you don't have to suffer. Because of its natural healing properties and antibiotic capacities, honey is an excellent solution to red, irritated skin. If you're suffering from an intense burn, applying honey to find comfort and relief while you heal can't hurt. Many people would rather suffer than apply chemical-filled ointments and lotions to their skin—which is understandable—but honey is an all-natural option that can help you.

You Can Prevent Potential Infections

Because sunburn damages your skin's barrier and turns the surface into an open wound, your body is much more susceptible to infections. With that said, honey is an excellent way to prevent potential infections, as it harbors antibiotic and antibacterial properties. This way, you won't have to worry about excessive bacteria and pollutants entering your wounds.

After learning a few reasons why honey is a good sunburn remedy, you may want to buy raw honey for yourself. This delicious and helpful substance has many uses, from cooking to beauty, making it an essential staple for any household.

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