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Raw Honey for Sale

At Crystal’s Honey, our commitment to purity transcends the jar. Each spoonful of our raw honey for sale is a testament to the harmonious relationship between bees and blossoms. By preserving the honey in its raw, crystallized state, we retain the essence of nature's sweetness and harness the wholesome goodness of the hive. Our natural raw honey for sale isn’t just a treat; it's a tribute to traditional beekeeping. With our diverse array of flavors, from the robust wildflower to the delicate orange blossom, we invite you to indulge in an authentic honey experience. Discover the unadulterated pleasure of our raw, unfiltered honey and taste the difference of true craftsmanship.

At Crystal’s Raw Honey, all our raw honey for sale is unfiltered and harvested, extracted, and jarred straight from the hive. Our natural honey for sale is never heated or filtered to remove bits of beeswax, pollen, or other impurities. We’ve found that the raw form of crystalized honey gives the best flavor with a few extra nutrients from the unfiltered add-ins. Our raw and unfiltered honey comes in six distinct flavor profiles—this is all thanks to the control we have over the flowers our bees harvest. The flowers and blossom profiles we have include wildflower, blueberry, classic clover, New York local wildflower, cranberry, and orange blossom. Depending on the growing season and what plants need pollination, our bees are able to create many distinct flavor profiles so that we can offer raw honey for sale that is flavorful and unique. Try all our raw honey for sale to find your favorite. 

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Comb honey and pollen back in stock!

We have Local Massachusetts bee pollen and Comb honey available in 2x4 squares and Ross Rounds will be coming soon! Subscribe for our news letter and we will keep you up to date on inventory and seasonal products.

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