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Famous Celebrities Who Enjoy Beekeeping

Though very often a hobby associated with people who work with their hands, there are even famous celebrities that enjoy beekeeping.

Different Roles Bees Have in a Hive

Honey bees maintain their way of life by assigning jobs and following routines. All the different roles bees have in a hive are essential to their survival.

The Origins and History of Beekeeping

The origins and history of beekeeping is a story that begins in prehistoric times and traces our fascination with these creatures to the present.

Most Common Honey Bee Myths and Folktales

Before humans had the ability to scientifically study them, bees were only understood through the most common honey bee myths and folktales.

Amazing Facts About Honeybees

Honeybees are fascinating animals. Learning a few amazing facts about honeybees will forever change the way you look at them.

How Humans Can Benefit From Honeybees

Honeybees provide us with many benefits every day that frequently go unnoticed. Learn how humans can benefit from honeybees by reading here.

The History of Honey in Medicine

Honey has played a pivotal role in the medicine of many cultures throughout history. Learn about the history of honey in medicine by reading here.

Unique Uses for Beeswax in Your Home

There are many great ways beeswax can benefit you as an everyday product in your home. Learn some unique uses for beeswax in your home here.

The Best Recipes for Baking With Honey

There are many benefits to baking with honey, and the robust taste of your confections will be one of them. Learn some baking options with honey here.

The Various Ways You Can Cook With Honey

Have you stopped lately and looked into how many recipes are great with the addition of raw honey? Learn some ways to use honey in your cooking here.

Understanding How Bees Make Honey

The honeybee’s process of making honey is a fascinating one. Learn about how bees turn nectar from flowers into that delicious golden substance here.

Skin Care and Honey: What To Know

You may find it fascinating to learn that honey offers several health benefits for your skin. For what to know about skin care and honey, read here.
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