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Why You Should Try Using Beeswax Over Other Types of Wax

You know that bees make honey, but they also make wax to build their honeycombs. Beeswax has countless uses; consider trying it over other wax types.

Differentiating a Honeybee From Other Types of Bees

Bees are all over the world, and there are countless different bee species, each with distinct roles. Learn how to differentiate honeybees from other types of bees.

How To Use Honeycomb as a Cooking Ingredient

Although you’re probably familiar with the delicious bee product known as honey, honeycomb is just as edible. Read on to learn how to cook with honeycomb.

How Honeybees Coordinate Their Work in the Hive

Every bee colony has a hierarchy or caste system which dictates daily hive operations. Discover how bees work together for the colony’s greater good.

5 Fun Facts About How Awesome Raw Honey Is

You probably know that bees produce honey, but you might not know how incredible the sticky substance is. Explore these awesome raw honey fun facts!

The Differences Between Bee Pollen, Honey, and Royal Jelly

Although many people think honey is the only substance from a beehive, it takes a few others to make the hive go round. Discover the different materials here.

How To Inspect a Beehive for Potential Problems

As a beekeeper, you have to know how to identify potential problems in your hive. Regular inspections are the first steps to identifying issues.

A Guide To Creating Homemade Crayons Using Beeswax

Although crayons are a staple for everyone’s childhood, many contain less than desirable chemicals. Learn how to make beeswax crayons at home.

5 Awesome Health Benefits of Taking Bee Pollen

Many people classify bee pollen as a superfood, while others categorize it as a medicine. Either way, bee pollen can provide some incredible benefits.

7 Facts About Honey Bees and Their Beehives

Whether you're a beekeeper or not, you might not be a bee expert. Bees are fascinating insects, and humans often underestimate their importance in the world.

Why Bees Make Honeycombs Shaped Like Hexagons

It’s no secret that honey bees use their hives as a shelter and a place to store honey. Moreover, they are particular about the shape and size of honeycombs.

The Best Ways To Use Honey That You Haven’t Considered

Although the primary use for honey is sweetener, it comes in handy in all areas of your life. Find out how to use honey to benefit your health and taste buds.
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