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How Do Bees Keep Up With the Global Honey Demand?

It’s no secret that bees make honey; however, you may not know there’s no way to replicate this process without bees. The honey-making process is incredibly unique, and bees use it to feed their colony throughout the winter when they can no longer collect nectar from plants and flowers. Throughout history, honey has been one of the most popular sweeteners people use in the kitchen, and its good reputation continues to grow. Dive into how bees keep up with the global honey demand.

They Just Make It

While many food manufacturers and farmers keep up with global demands by planting more crops or farming more animals, bees don’t understand that they have an exterior demand to fill. Because they make honey to keep their colonies afloat for the winter months, they automatically make as much as they can during the busy production months.

Bees make honey for themselves. Ultimately, it’s up to the beekeeper to decide how much honey they can remove from the hive without leaving the bees in a deficit.

Continuing To Grow Their Population

Bees naturally work to grow their population by nurturing new bees and swarming when the hive becomes too cramped. With that in mind, increasing the number of colonies equals more honey production. Although bees work to grow their population for themselves, they are also working to meet the global honey demand by increasing the number of colonies around the world.

Plentiful Nectar-Rich Plants

Although bees always produce as much honey as possible, they need nectar from plants to do so. With that in mind, they may not be able to produce as much if they don’t have enough plants to forage. While they can’t control the number of plants nearby, we can help them make more honey by planting an abundance of nectar-rich plants.

Now that you know how bees keep up with the global honey demand, you may be looking for raw natural honey for sale. Visit Crystal’s Honey online for a wide variety of this delicious sweetener. Bees work hard to produce honey, which makes it the perfect way to sweeten your day.

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