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Saving Our Food: How We Can Help Protect Honeybees

Colony Collapse Disorder is a horrific phenomenon in which the majority of worker bees leave their queen and disappear. They leave behind food and a few nurses to care for the immature bees. The problem has been ongoing since 2006, and it poses a major threat to the honeybee population, which is responsible for most of the pollination on the planet.

Human beings need to learn how we can help protect honeybees so we can save ourselves from their extinction.

Stop Using Chemicals

Herbicides, fertilizers, and synthetic pesticides are harmful to honeybee populations. They completely upend their sensitive ecosystem. To help protect honeybees, you should avoid using these tools in your garden. Natural solutions or organic products keep pests like praying mantises and ladybugs away while keeping your bees healthy.

Plant a Bee Garden

One of the best ways we can help protect honeybees is by planting a bee garden. Bee gardens can have a tremendous effect on the local honeybee population. It gives them a safe place to build homes and find nutritious food sources. Through a bee garden, honeybees can find plants rich in nectar and pollen. You do not need a lot of space to grow a garden with bee-friendly plants. You can establish them in flower pots, plants, and window boxes.

Build Bee Baths

Honeybees get thirsty foraging and collecting so much nectar. You can give them a spot to relieve themselves by filling a shallow bowl or birdbath with clean water. Arrange stones or pebbles in the water, so they rise above its surface. Honeybees can land on the pebbles and drink from the water.

Host a Fundraiser

If you want to go the extra mile to help protect our valuable honeybees, you can host a fundraiser to raise some money for a bee conservatory charity. Some types of fundraisers include:

  • Fun run/walk
  • Auction
  • Concert
  • Gala

There are many ways to raise money for this very important cause. If you decide to go down the fundraising route, get creative and come up with an idea special to you.

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