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The History of Humans Using and Consuming Honey

You’re probably no stranger to the thick, amber-colored liquid known as honey. In fact, it may seem as though honey has been around forever, and that’s not entirely false—it’s one of the most ancient sweeteners ever discovered. Dive into the history of humans using and consuming honey here.

Early Use

Stone Age

One of the earliest depictions of collecting honey came from a cave in Spain around 9,000 years ago, but it’s likely that honey use dates back even further than that. In fact, Neanderthals most likely gathered and ate it for nutrients during the Stone Age. Foods containing fructose were crucial during times of starvation because they provide large amounts of energy needed for survival. It’s also possible that honey was a critical factor in the evolution of the desire for sweet foods, which is now inherited genetically.

Third Millenium BCE

Several ancient civilizations, such as those of the Mesopotamians and Egyptians, show evidence of beekeeping. These people used honey as an offering for the gods as well as for eating. They created candles, sealings, and even dental fillings out of beeswax. Egyptians sacrificed honey to the gods when someone died, as historians have found jars of honey in their tombs.

Modern Use

Medieval Period

During this time, beekeeping became a popular and essential profession. People used honey for its healing and medicinal properties and as a sweetener. Additionally, beeswax was a hot commodity for candlemaking and for sealing important documents.

19th and 20th Centuries

As populations increased throughout the world, society began creating artificial honey and different forms of beehives to make enough honey for larger markets. Until this point, honey was a primary sweetener in foods; however, artificial sweeteners began to take over in the mid-20th century. Nevertheless, honey is making a comeback—modern consumers deeply desire it.

The history of humans using and consuming honey goes far back, and people still use it today. Choosing raw honey over artificial sweeteners for your cereal, coffee, toast, and baking is best. To fulfill your sweet tooth, check out Crystal’s Honey for the best variety of raw natural honey for sale.

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