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Top Ways You Can Use Honeycomb Honey

A product like raw honeycomb might seem like something that doesn’t have many uses. Fortunately, this couldn’t be more wrong. One of the first things to consider about honeycomb is that it’s edible. It’s also incredibly nutritious for you. But, beyond consumption, there are several other beneficial uses for this natural product. For some top ways you can use honeycomb honey, read below.

Honeycomb Honey With Food and Cooking

There is very little limit to what you can do with honeycomb when it comes to food and cooking. An important detail worth noting is that honeycomb is completely edible. One of the great things about eating honeycomb is that there are the benefits of the comb and the benefits of honey held within it. This creates a natural product that is delicious, making it perfect to go with a variety of foods. There is a variety of some great dishes to create using honeycomb:

  • Honeycomb with Cheese: It might seem like you need a specific cheese to go with something like honeycomb and the raw inside, but you don’t. Honeycomb will go wonderfully with any type of cheese. You can eat this as a snack or make it for a party tray. You can spoon your honey and comb on top of the cheese for an elegant presentation.
  • Bread Spread: While the raw honey itself will make a nice spread on some bread, the honeycomb can add an amazing new dimension to it. For one, it makes a much thicker substance that won’t drip everywhere when you spread it. You can also spread the honeycomb over toast or a baguette. Make a tasty, sweet treat by adding some over scone. If you enjoy making a sandwich of meats and cheeses sweet along with savory, add some of the honeycomb on the bread in place of other spreads.
  • Make a Unique Salad: This can be a fun, unique creation without having to put in much effort. Consider a salad made of arugula with crumbled goat cheese but add some chunks of the honeycombs. This might seem a bit out of the ordinary, but it can create a unique dimension of natural sweetness whiles still being a healthy addition to your salad.
  • Honeycomb in Batter: There are some great ways to enhance your batters using honeycomb whether you’re making pancakes, waffles, or scones. By including honeycomb, you can make any of these just as sweet as what you’d find in a restaurant, except they’ll be much healthier. Folding honeycomb into ricotta to be served on top of your pancakes or waffles is another way you can enjoy this natural treat with your breakfast.

Using Honeycomb To Benefit Your Health

Another one of the top ways you can use honeycomb honey is to benefit your health. Believe it or not, raw honey itself is one of the healthiest natural products you can consume. Add the natural honeycomb to and you have even more vitamins, enzymes, pollen, and antioxidants. Some of the natural vitamins and minerals that are found both in raw honey and in honeycomb include are calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin C, B6, B12, A, E, and D. The wax cells of the honeycomb allow the raw honey stored inside to stay in its purest form. When the honey gets removed from the comb, it pulls moisture from the air, which causes a slight dilution that ultimately makes it slightly less nutritious. This means when you eat the honeycomb honey, you’re getting every last bit of nutrients that it carries.

Then, there are the health benefits for your heart that come from the honeycomb. The raw honey carries high amounts of phenols. Along with other antioxidant compounds, these benefits reduce the incidence of heart disease. Studies have also continued to show that antioxidants could help prevent cellular damage from free radicals, making it possible to prevent cancer. Consuming raw honeycomb also is very beneficial for your liver function and can relieve symptoms brought on by fatty liver disease. While the product can benefit these different parts of your body, it also protects your overall health if you use it as a substitute for processed sugars and artificial sweeteners. Many of these lead to issues like diabetes and heart disease, especially over long periods of time. Raw honeycomb provides a bold flavor of natural sweetness without subjecting your body to the damage that many other sweeteners cause.

Lastly, the honeycomb can help you get well when you’re sick and even prevent you from getting sick. Its thick consistency will coat a sore throat, as well as reduce inflammation in the airways and the esophagus because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The next time you have a cold, chew some raw honeycomb or add some to a hot cup of tea.

Honeycomb Can Be Used in Many Products

While we can eat honeycomb to please our palates and give our health a boost, it has further uses outside of consumption. Raw honeycomb can be used to produce many quality products. One popular product is beeswax candles. These candles are cleaner than the average candle and will burn longer. These are produced by companies, but they can also be easily made by hand. Beeswax can be purchased to be re-melted and molded into brand new candles for immediate use.

Cosmetics are another popular type of product that uses beeswax made from the honeycomb. Some of the highest quality lotions and creams for your skin are produced from honeycomb wax which softens and treats the skin, and provides it with a layer of protection. Certain sunscreens use honeycomb beeswax to be more effective. It can also be found in high-end lipsticks and makeup. One more place honeycomb wax can come in handy is in household applications. You’ll find that you can persevere boots, coats, and other articles made of leather by rubbing them with a block of beeswax. You can also give your wood furniture a protective sheen by rubbing it with semi-melted beeswax.

If you need to better care for these areas around your home, purchase raw beeswax from Crystal’s Honey. Here you will find raw beeswax produced in blocks of various sizes for countless uses.

Top Ways You Can Use Honeycomb Honey

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