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What Is the Difference Between Honey and Nectar?

There’s nothing better than a sweet treat to get you through the day, but refined and processed sugars do more harm than good. In fact, sugary sodas and snacks may cause a sugar rush followed by a crash. On the other hand, alternative sweeteners like honey and nectar provide essential nutrients and a healthy energy boost. If you thought they were the same thing, take a look at the differences between honey and nectar.

What Is Nectar?

Nectar is a sweet and watery substance that comes from plants and flowers. Interestingly, nectar is full of essential vitamins and nutrients, making it a great substitute for refined sugars and sweeteners. Because nectar is plant-based, it’s safe for those with diabetes to consume; the glycemic index is much lower than other refined sugars, meaning it doesn’t raise blood glucose levels as quickly. Remarkably, bees collect nectar from plants and flowers and use it to make honey.

What Is Honey?

Honey is an incredibly sweet and versatile substance that everyone should keep in their home. Bees collect nectar from plants and flowers and transform it into the viscous material we know as honey; it’s extra sweet and contains all the necessary nutrients humans need to survive. Believe it or not, you can keep raw honey in your pantry forever, and it never spoils, making it an extremely valuable food to keep on hand.

Their Differences

Although honey comes from nectar, they’re not the same thing. In fact, nectar is nearly 80 percent water, which means it spoils relatively fast. On the other hand, honey is less than 20 percent water, and you can store it indefinitely without it expiring. While both substances are sweet and contain sugars, nectar is less concentrated and isn’t a good option for insects to store for later use. By transforming it into honey, bees are left with a dense, sustainable food source to get them through the winter.

As you can see, the differences between honey and nectar are distinct. People embracing the vegan lifestyle may opt for nectar, as it doesn’t require animals or insects to produce. On the other hand, people who want a thicker, more concentrated sweetener may be looking for natural honey for sale. Visit Crystal’s Honey online for a large selection of honey and other amazing bee products.

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