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Why You Should Keep Your Bee Pollen Refrigerated

Bee pollen is a popular supplement full of nutrients and known to have various health benefits. Bees collect this delectable material from pollinating plants, and many have used it for centuries to boost immunity, improve digestion, and even aid weight loss. However, storing bee pollen correctly is crucial. We will go over why you should keep your bee pollen refrigerated so you can enjoy its un-bee-livable benefits longer.

1. Preserves Nutrients

Bee pollen is a supplement rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants, making up for its high nutritional value. However, this supplement is sensitive to heat, light, and air. Extended exposure to these elements will damage its lifespan. Yet, storing it in the fridge keeps the essential nutrients for a longer period.

2. Prevents Spoilage

Bee pollen is a natural product that is susceptible to degradation like all natural products. Heat, moisture, and air exposure can cause bee pollen to spoil and become unusable. Refrigeration safeguards pollen by keeping it dry.

3. Reduces Risk of Contamination

Bee pollen is a food product, and like most food products, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms can contaminate it. Because the fridge is a cold environment, the chilly temperatures prevent these microorganisms’ growth and reduce the risk of contamination. Knowing this information is especially crucial if you use bee pollen as a dietary supplement.

4. Enhances Flavor

It may come as a surprise, but refrigerating bee pollen can enhance its flavor. Exposure to heat, light, and humidity causes bee pollen to taste bitter. So, keeping it inside the refrigerator can preserve its natural sweetness for longer.

5. Storing Bee Pollen Correctly

Storing bee pollen correctly is crucial to ensure it stays fresh and keeps its nutritional value. Store bee pollen in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Keep the container in the freezer compartment if possible. Bee pollen can last for up to 18 months when you store it correctly.

Why should you keep your bee pollen refrigerated? Keeping this superfood in a cold place helps to preserve its nutritional value, prolong its shelf life, and keep it safe to eat. At Crystal’s Honey, we understand the importance of quality in every jar of bee pollen. That’s why we offer top-grade bee pollen for sale that our team harvests and packages with care to preserve its freshness and potency. Remember, your path to a healthier life could be just a spoonful of our bee pollen away!

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