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Why You Should Try Using Beeswax Over Other Types of Wax

Whether or not you’ve tried a beeswax candle, you’ve probably heard someone say they’re the ultimate candles. Because of their mild aroma and clear light, beeswax candles were the first choice for churches and royalty. Although beeswax candles are less common today, they’re still available for those who want them. Consider why you should try using beeswax over other types of wax when it comes to candles.

Beeswax is Pure

Unlike other types of wax, beeswax doesn’t require any chemical processing to make it usable. Interestingly, beeswax is incredibly dense and has a high melting point. With that said, it doesn’t need any additives or hardeners to make it a high-quality product. Although most candles have fragrance additives to make them more appealing, most beeswax candles don’t need them because they’re lightly aromatic.

It Burns Brighter and Longer

Because of beeswax’s high melting point, beeswax candles produce light comparable to sunlight. Furthermore, they’re some of the brightest and longest burning candles, creating the warmest flame possible. Paraffin wax candles burn quickly and dimly because they’re soft; on the other hand, beeswax burns slowly and brightly because of its density and purity.

Naturally Dripless and Easy to Clean Up

Many candle waxes are oil-based, making them prone to dripping, and wax is tough to clean up. In fact, there’s nothing worse than spilling candle wax as it’s nearly impossible to remove from carpets and other fabrics. However, beeswax candles are naturally dripless, and their wax is relatively easy to clean in the case of an accidental spill.

Beeswax Purifies the Air

Many burn candles to rid their home of unpleasant scents, but they only mask the odors rather than eliminate them. On the other hand, beeswax purifies the air by emitting negative ions that cling to particles in the air and dropping them to the floor. As a result, burning a beeswax candle may help clean the air inside your home.

Pro Tip

Beeswax candles are the perfect gift for people with asthma, allergies, or other sinus sensitivities!

Now that you know why you should try beeswax over other types of wax, you have the perfect reason to visit Crystal’s Honey online for pure beeswax for sale. Although you may love regular candles, you won’t choose anything else once you burn a beeswax candle in your home.

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