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4 Helpful Tips for Safely Melting Beeswax

Most people know that bees make honey in their hives, but beeswax is a lesser-known and used substance. Interestingly, bees make this waxy material to build the inside of their hives. You probably know what a honeycomb looks like, but you might not know that bees build them out of wax. This incredible substance works wonders in many different aspects of human life—consider a few helpful tips for safely melting beeswax to use in skin care, candles, crayons, etc.

Use a Double Boiler

Beeswax melts very easily, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Because you must control the heat, you can’t melt it directly in a pot over a flame—a double boiler is the best solution. You’ll need a larger pot with a few cups of water and a smaller pot that sits securely on the lip of the other. Place the pieces of beeswax in the small pot to begin the melting process. Indirect boiling is the safest and most effective melting method for beeswax.

Designate Utensils for Beeswax

Even though beeswax is an awesome substance, it sticks to everything. That said, you might have to get pans and utensils solely for the melting process. Whether you buy used items or designate old kitchenware you already have for melting, you shouldn’t expect to use them for anything other than beeswax.


Avoid using plastic or glass, as melted beeswax can damage or shatter these materials quickly.

Avoid the Flash Point

Even though there are a few different methods you can use when it comes to melting your beeswax, gentle and indirect heat is the key. Beeswax begins to melt around 140–150 degrees Fahrenheit, and it should stay around this temperature. Unfortunately, it may lose some properties—like aroma—when it reaches 170 degrees. However, you never want it to get to an even higher heat. If the wax reaches 400 degrees, you may have a catastrophe on your hands—this is the flash point at which it burns and catches fire.

Do It Outdoors or in the Garage

While melting beeswax sounds as simple as melting chocolate in your kitchen, it can make a much more significant mess. It will be nearly impossible to remove it from anything it touches; that said, melting it outside of your home is a great idea. Whether you do it outdoors or in your garage, removing the potential mess and fire hazard from your home is one of the best safety tips when it comes to melting beeswax.

With these helpful tips for safely melting beeswax, you can buy it with purpose—visit Crystal’s Honey online for pure beeswax for sale. Honey is usually the star of the show, but beeswax is another useful and versatile material straight from the hive.

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