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Interesting Things Pollen Can Teach Us About Our World

Though pollen is one of the most prominent allergens in the world, it’s so much more than that. Nature works in mysterious ways, and humans have yet to learn everything there is to know about our environment and atmosphere. Despite popular belief, pollen plays a significant role in our environment and can teach us many interesting things about our world. Follow along to learn more about pollen and its role in our ecosystem.

Pollen Stays in Lake Sediments

The wind carries pollen all over the earth, so ancient pollen is not uncommon in lake sediment layers. Each layer takes one year to form. Scientists can determine what year a pollen sample came from by conducting tests. Additionally, pollen particles have unique shapes; therefore, botanists can tell which plants they came from.

We Can Observe Past Climates in Pollen

It’s no secret that plants release large amounts of pollen into the atmosphere, but these particles are nearly indestructible. In fact, you may not even be able to crush them with a rock or dissolve them in water. As a result, it’s not uncommon for pollen to fossilize within rocks. Plants and animals can also fossilize over time, but pollen offers extensive information in areas where plants and animal fossils aren’t available.

That said, ancient pollen can tell us about the various species that grew in a particular area and the climate they grew in. Pollen is an incredible piece of history that many are unaware of.

Raw Honey Contains Pollen Particles

Because bees are one of the most prominent pollinators in the world, raw honey usually contains some amount of pollen. Unfortunately, many are allergic to these small yellow particles from local plants and flowers, which can be extremely bothersome. Even though taking antihistamines regularly can you manage your symptoms, they don’t solve your problem. However, consuming locally-sourced raw honey may help ease your seasonal allergies.

In the same way that the flu shot helps build your immunity by containing strains of the virus, raw honey helps build your tolerance to pollen because it contains small particles of it. You can learn more about how immunity works by researching this method for yourself. If you’re curious to try it, speak with your primary care doctor first to ensure your safety and well-being.

After learning a few interesting things pollen can teach us about our world, buying natural bee pollen might be on your mind. Pollen often flies under the radar, but it plays an incredibly important part in how the world functions.

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