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Common Ways People Use Raw Beeswax

Bees have given us so much. From delicious honey to nutritional pollen, bees have always made a better world for themselves and the animal kingdom— not to mention all the plants and forests that owe them their lives. Even their beeswax has amazing utility for humans. If you are curious what beeswax can do for you, read along to learn the common ways people raw beeswax.

Balms and Salves

Beeswax can be used as an essential ingredient for balms and salves. With antimicrobial properties that prevent spoilage, beeswax is a natural ingredient that makes for tougher, longer-lasting lip balms and ointment. Beeswax also creates a protective layer over your skin and attracts water, both qualities that help a person stay hydrated.


Though some may disagree, those in the know understand that beeswax makes the best candles. Their pleasant smell, their amazing light—for hundreds of years the nobility, even The Church, and royalty have preferred this material for their candle-making needs. Even now, in a time of such high technical achievement, candle making is one of the most common ways people use raw beeswax. It difficult to find a candle material that burns brighter, lasts longer, and drips less.


Due to its anti-inflammatory antimicrobial properties, soap can soothe irritated or damaged skin. It can even protect a person’s skin from UV rays and environmental toxins. But aside from its health benefits, beeswax soap radiates a delectable smell. Your body will have a natural perfume if you use soap with beeswax as a key ingredient.

Wood and Furniture Polish and Sealant

A natural alternative to a potentially harmful substance, beeswax recipes for wood or furniture polish and sealants can eliminate the vomiting and dizziness that people experience when they come in contact with traditional, synthetic variants. For homes with kids and pets, these alternatives are especially helpful for keeping the family safe. You can actually make your own recipe using bulk raw beeswax from Crystal’s Honey, Inc.

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