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Reasons Why Honey Can Vary in Taste

From processed honey to raw honey to clover honey, consumers will notice different tastes between the various types. These tastes often depend on what type of flowers the bees pollinated and used to turn their nectar into honey. The type of container in which the honey is stored, how processed the honey is, and whether or not sugars were added also affects the taste. Read more about the many reasons why honey can vary in taste.

Type of Container

Certain plastics and metals can leach chemicals into the honey, affecting its taste. Honey kept in those types of containers will taste different than honey from a glass jar. Most honey consumers prefer honey that’s kept in glass jars or in plastics with a low risk of leaching, such as those made from high-density polyethylene.

Where It’s From

Honey is made through honeybees’ pollination and nectar processing routines. The bee extracts nectar from flowers and then makes honey out of it in the hive. Therefore, the flowers in the region where the honey is from affects its taste. The taste can also come from a specific type of flower. For instance, some consumers like the taste of clover honey, which is honey made from bees that get nectar from clovers.

Another one of the reasons why honey can vary in taste is due to its smell. The way food smells is part of why we taste it a certain way. Honeys such as lavender honeys have a fragrance to them that consumers say affects their taste.

Food Additives

The amount of food additives in honey will affect its taste. For example, raw and unfiltered honey has a robust taste because it comes straight from the source. There are no additives such as high-fructose corn syrup or added sugars that will affect its true honey flavor.


Honey can also be filtered through some processing methods; however, ours is designed to keep the honey in it’s pure, raw form. The honey goes through a process in which it’s heated and then cooled quickly. This keeps it from granulating and makes it smooth. However, the process kills most of the honey’s enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. That can change its taste and take away some of the honey’s natural health benefits. 

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