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The Best Foods To Pair With Raw Honey

Raw honey is an incredibly popular natural product. Its bold sweetness comes from its unfiltered process. Not only does this save all of its natural flavors, but it also keeps all of the properties that make it such a health-promoting food. It also pairs wonderfully with many different foods. From sweet to savory, there is no shortage of what raw honey can enhance. For the best foods to pair with raw honey, read below.


The natural sweetness of raw honey pairs wonderfully with the natural sweet qualities of many fruits. While they‘re both sweet foods, each has a different unique flavor that will compliment the other. You can use honey with fruits in a few ways. One is to simply drizzle it in a light glace over the tip of something like a ripe strawberry or a sliced pear. You can also pour some on the side to dip various fruits in. If you want to try something more unique, there’s a combination that involves honey with some heat. Start by brushing some raw honey on the fruit, then place it on a grill. This creates a caramelized fruit for a delicious side or dessert.


There are several nuts that will pair great with honey. While you could drizzle some honey over them for a delicious flavor, this could get a bit messy and hard to eat. One of the best ways to enjoy honey with nuts is to bake the honey into them. You can start this by laying the nuts on a flat pan. Next, drizzle a light layer of honey over the nuts. Simply put them into the oven to bake and they will come out as a sweet and salty snack. You can do this with a few different types of nuts. A few of the most popular that will come out tasting delicious from this method are roasted almonds and walnuts.


There are many ways to enjoy your tea, as it has been a popular beverage for thousands of years. Generally, teatime has presented a relaxing nature. Raw honey adds a delicious extra touch to this calming experience. One of the other important aspects of drinking tea with raw honey is its healing properties. Many teas are perfect to drink while getting over a sickness, especially colds and the flu. Adding raw honey will turn this into a massive boost for your immune system. Raw honey contains many antioxidants that have anti-viral properties. Raw honey stirred into a cup of hot tea can give you back the extra nutrients your body needs to get stronger. Drink this combination when your well for a great taste and a preventative measure against getting sick.


Grilled fish already makes a delicious meal for any seafood lover. Special sauces and glazes make a great addition to it. There are a few combinations that use honey that you will continue to want to use once you’ve tasted them. One variation will require a few other ingredients along with the honey. Throw in a spoonful of raw honey along with some soy sauce, sea salt, black pepper, and Dijon mustard. Make sure to really mix this together well. You can brush this over the top of a fish fillet, or you can brush it all over the entire fillet like a marinade. Consider looking into other seasonings for your fillet that would taste good with a sweet honey glaze.


Butter may seem like a straightforward product, but there are many variations of and types of butter that can be made. Butter can have different flavors, including those on the sweeter side. You can even make butters that are a combination of sweet and savory. This can allow you to get creative and have fun with it. You can get some French butter, add a little raw honey into it, then whip it up. After this, it’s already good to go. The honey butter you’ll create will be able to go on a variety of food items. Try it on some fresh biscuits, a piece of toast, a bagel, or a croissant in the morning.

Root Veggies

When you’re going to eat some healthy foods, why not make them tastier and more enjoyable? Root vegetables are interesting in flavor because while they are not categorized as sweet, they do have a sweet undertone in their flavor. Adding some more sweetness will bring their flavor out even more. Raw honey is rich in its sweet flavor and pairs well with the subtleness of the root veggies. While some recipes use sweetening glazes made from brown sugar, this one is healthier. Raw honey contains many properties that promote better health, unlike processed sugars which don’t contain any. If you purchase bulk raw honey, you’ll have enough to make your veggies like this every time.


One of the best foods to pair with raw honey is cheese. Not only can you pair it with so many other foods, but there are many different choices of cheese to choose from. Most cheese tends to be savory, however, there are options that have a sweet and savory combination. In fact, there are many savory cheeses that go great with sweet foods. Raw honey is one of these sweet food products that make a mouth-watering addition to cheese. Some of the best cheeses to pair with your raw honey are ricotta, brie, bleu cheese, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. You can put the honey on the side of cheese or drizzle a small amount over all the pieces.


So many of us love to wake up each morning with a cup of coffee. Coffee can be good with many additions including sweeteners, cream, milk, and even whipped cream. While many of these additions are tasty, they’re not always the healthiest choice. If you are looking for a way to make your coffee flavor more enticing but not so unhealthy, consider adding some raw honey into it. The best thing about raw honey is that it’s a great healthy alternative to sweeteners. As we mentioned before, processed sugar is very bad for your health, especially over a long period of time, and so are many artificial sweeteners. Enjoy your coffee with a sweet flavor while still being healthy by adding some honey.

The Best Foods To Pair With Raw Honey

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