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The Many Health Benefits of Honey

Although getting stung can be painful, the benefits that bees bring to the world definitely outweigh their negatives. Honey is a natural medicine created and protected by some of the hardest workers on the planet. The health benefits of honey, which range from cough relief to wound healing, are far reaching and powerful. If you think honey might help with your ailment, trying it is almost never a bad idea.

Honey Is Full of Antioxidants

The appearance and chemical makeup of raw and unfiltered honey is determined by what plants were pollinated to create that batch. No two honey batches are the same. Still, a few characteristics connect disparate batches together. All batches, for instance, are rich in antioxidants. Plant chemicals fight off free radicals, which contribute to the aging process and the development of chronic illnesses. Some research shows that antioxidant compounds in polyphenols may prevent heart disease.

It Promotes Burn and Wound Healing

The ancient Egyptians were the first to discover the health benefits of honey as a topical treatment on wounds and burns. Researchers are uncertain why honey possesses these healing powers, though they have paid special attention to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Honey can also help with psoriasis, herpes lesions, and other skin conditions.

It Relieves Coughs

Studies have suggested that honey can be more effective than some over-the-counter medicines at reducing a person’s cough. Since many cough medicines are unsafe for children, honey is a strong substitute. To achieve the best results for coughing relief, take a teaspoon of honey and afterward avoid liquids and foods so that the honey can coat the throat.

It Treats Diarrhea

Studies have indicated that children who drink honey recover more quickly from acute gastroenteritis. This has led some people to believe that honey may have a positive effect on people suffering from diarrhea. Individuals with diarrhea should not take too much, though, as the sugar in honey could eventually worsen the condition.

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