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Unique Uses for Beeswax in Your Home

Beeswax is just one of several natural products that the honeybee has to offer us. Beeswax is what the bees build the honeycomb cells out of in the hive. Once the wax is extracted, it can be used in a variety of products such as lip balm, beauty products, and other cosmetics. However, there are other wonderful uses worth noting for beeswax—especially in your own home. Learn some unique uses for beeswax in your home by reading below.

Using the Batik Technique for Fabric

If you’re into any crafting that requires sewing and working fabric, you’re likely to come across the batik technique. Batik is a method used for dyeing fabric that involves covering the region that you don’t want to dye with a removable wax. One of the best materials to use is a mixture involving 30 percent beeswax and 70 percent paraffin. This will create a wax that coats well but is easily removable.

Preventing Rust Buildup

There are many items around our homes that we can easily trust, especially over long periods. Consider any hand tools, shovels, cast iron pots, or other pieces of equipment you use to complete tasks. Beeswax is a wonderful product for rust prevention. You can rub down the items with it just as you would wax anything else. Make sure to use some on any wooden handles as well, which will help prevent further deterioration.

Coating Homemade Cheeses

If you are someone that enjoys producing your own cheeses, then using beeswax will be to your benefit. Beeswax will act as a perfect, safe, and natural coating for the cheese. Just be sure to check if the cheese is still wet before applying the wax. If it is, you should let it dry before using the beeswax; it won’t stick well to something wet. Furthermore, its low melting point will make it seal well around the cheese.

Create a Wax Thread

This is one of our most unique uses for beeswax in your home. If you make a wax thread, you can use this for making certain crafts such as hand-sewn leather goods or jewelry. When sewing these types of materials, it can be trickier than sewing fabric. You’ll need lubrication for your thread so it will run through the leather or other material smoothly. The process is very simple. Take some thread and rub it against of cube of the beeswax. This will create a wax coating for your thread, which will leave you set to go.

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