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The Best Recipes for Baking With Honey

When it comes to baking, raw honey can be as effective as it is delicious. Using honey as a sweetener will improve the aroma of your baked goods, keep them moist longer, and will ensure a more even bake. Honey’s robust taste goes a long way, so you don’t need to use as much to achieve your desired sweetness. Infuse your confections with the rich, delicious taste of honey with the best recipes for baking with honey.


Cornbread tastes delectable with honey butter, so you can imagine how good honey cornbread will taste. Whether you make bread or muffins, the honey will make them soft inside and crisp outside. Want cornbread with a sweet heat? Finely chop one pepper—such as serrano, Fresno, or jalapeño—and add it to the batter.

Homemade Pies

Honey pie isn’t just a term of endearment; it’s a delightful custard pie full of honey flavor. Add blueberry topping or lavender for a fun twist. Honey also complements apple, pecan, peach, and lemon chiffon pies. Replace the sugar with four key adjustments: use less of the honey, reduce liquids, add baking soda, and lower the oven temperature by 25 degrees.


Baklava is a Mediterranean dessert covered with honey, so it definitely makes the list of the best recipes for baking with honey. You’ll love its flaky, tissue-thin layers of phyllo dough with crunchy nuts drenched in a honey glaze. You can use chopped walnuts, pistachios, or a mix of both.

Honey Ginger Cookies

Step outside of traditional chocolate chip cookies with honey ginger cookies. Their spiced ginger flavor will taste great with the burst of raw honey sweetness. Ginger also complements orange, so honey ginger orange cookies are a yummy variation. Add orange zest and opt for special orange-blossom honey that has fruitier notes.

Vegetable Breads

Vegetable breads such as zucchini, squash, cucumber, and rhubarb bread are delicious ways to transform your veggies into baked goods. The only downside is that the breads tend to dry out quickly. Using honey instead of sugar will make your breads last significantly longer.

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