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What Is Royal Jelly and Why Is It Important?

Have you ever heard of royal jelly? It’s a thick, milky substance secreted by honeybees and is an essential part of their diet. Although doctors have used royal jelly in traditional medicine for centuries, its popularity increased over the last few years as more people become aware of its potential health benefits. But what is royal jelly, and why is it important? Read our blog to get a delightful taste of this jelly built for the royal in all of us.

A Royal Beginning

We want to lay down the basics for you, as there is a lot to unpack here, such as why this substance is essential for worker honeybees. Royal jelly is the food honeybees create to feed and nourish the queen bee. Did you know this nutrient-packed elixir transforms an ordinary larva into a queen bee? Really—we were blown away, too! It’s no wonder that royal jelly carries such a regal name! In the bee world, royal jelly sustains the life and reproduction of the queen, so she can continue to lay eggs and grow her queendom.

Royal Jelly and Humans

Royal jelly isn’t just for the bees—humans also benefit, even if you’re not regal! While we won’t delve into the specific health benefits, it’s worth mentioning that people have been incorporating royal jelly into their diets and skincare routines for centuries, believing this elixir possesses various benefits for the human body.

Royal jelly is the most-wanted ingredient in skincare products because of its potential skincare properties. The jelly contains natural ingredients used widely in many moisturizers, creams, and balms. With an affinity for supporting skin health, it’s no surprise that this bee byproduct has gained a devoted following in the cosmetics and beauty industries.

Sustainable Harvesting and Conservation

As with any natural resource, it’s essential to emphasize sustainability and bee conservation when discussing royal jelly. Honeybees play a big part in pollinating plants and supporting our ecosystems, so ensuring we protect their populations and help them thrive is crucial.

Look for products emphasizing sustainable and ethical harvesting practices when purchasing items with royal jelly as an ingredient. By supporting companies and suppliers committed to sustainable beekeeping, you can enjoy the wonders of royal jelly while contributing to the well-being of bees.

Discover Royal Jelly at Crystal’s Honey

Royal jelly is an incredible substance produced by honeybees, playing an essential role in a bee colony’s life cycle and the queen bee’s development. Although we’ve only just scratched the surface of royal jelly’s importance in this post, it’s clear that this natural wonder holds many potential benefits for both bees and humans. You can start producing your skincare products with wholesale honey from Crystal’s Honey. Our honey supply is oozing with benefits for skincare routines and many other health benefits. Find out more about saving the queendom by purchasing locally sourced honey.

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