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Why Is Raw Honey Better for You Than Sugar?

There’s nothing better than a sweet treat to satisfy your craving, but you probably already know that sugar isn’t good for your overall health. While sugar is a common additive for many foods and beverages, consuming too much can lead to various health issues, like diabetes and obesity. Even though limiting added sugar in your diet is always a good idea, you don’t have to give it up entirely. Consider why raw honey is better for you than sugar.

Honey Is Sweeter

Even though many try to stay away from honey because it’s higher in calories than regular sugar, you should know that it’s much sweeter. As a result, you can use less honey to achieve the same flavor. Additionally, honey harbors a more unique and heavy flavor profile, which adds a beautiful flavor to your dish. Many experience weight loss when they replace sugar with honey, as they don’t have to use as much to satisfy their sweet tooth.

It Doesn’t Spike Your Blood Sugar

It’s no secret that consuming white sugar leads to a blood sugar spike; however, honey doesn’t cause such a drastic rise. Interestingly, white sugar and raw honey are both carbohydrates, but white sugar is 100% sugar, and honey is only about 85% sugar; the other 15% consists of water, pollen, and other nutrients. Because of this difference, they have different glycemic indexes (GI), which measure how quickly it absorbs into the body and blood. Higher numbers indicate quicker absorption, and white sugar has a GI of 65, while raw honey ranges between 35 and 55.

That said, honey provides more sustainable energy without causing a significant blood glucose spike. Honey can still be damaging to your health if you eat too much, as it’s still sugar.

Honey Contains Other Nutrients

As previously mentioned, honey contains other nutrients besides sugar, making it an excellent substitute for white sugar. In fact, raw honey also consists of vitamins, minerals, pollen, enzymes, and amino acids, which contribute to its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties. You can boost your overall health and immune system by consuming honey every day.

It’s Easier To Digest

Sugar is incredibly difficult to digest, but honey is much more suitable for your body. Bees partially break down the sugars before you even have a chance to eat the honey when they make and add enzymes to it. As a result, this unique composition makes it much easier for the body to digest honey. While you might think white sugar is digestible, it’s not the best form of carbohydrate for your body.

Now that you know why raw honey is better for you than sugar, you might be looking for natural honey for sale. Eating something sweet doesn’t have to be a bad thing—raw honey is a perfect way to feed your sweet tooth without sacrificing your physical health.

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