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What You Should Know About Honeycomb Honey

Along with consuming raw honey, you have the option to buy honeycomb honey. This product offers many health benefits for a person. Furthermore, honey with the honeycomb is widely available from many different retail sources. Many people may wonder, though—what exactly is the honeycomb? How is it edible? What are some of the benefits it offers? Learn all these details here as we look further into what you should know about honeycomb honey.

It’s a Natural Product

Honeycomb honey is honey in its rawest form. Raw honey is described as honey straight out of the honeycomb, but honeycomb honey is still in the comb. The honeycomb itself is also a completely natural product made by honeybees. They use it store not only honey, but also pollen and larvae. The comb is made up from walls of beeswax, with the raw honey contained inside.

Honeycomb Is Edible

When you buy honeycomb honey, you may wonder how to eat it. Honeycomb is edible and completely safe to consume, along with the honey. For some consumers, the added chewy texture of the comb is an enhancement to the honey. The honeycomb can have a slightly varying taste, which depends on the region and flowers the bees pollinated.

It Contains a Lot of Nutrients

The honeycomb as well as the raw honey in it can contain high amounts of certain nutrients. The raw honey itself contains antioxidants as well as enzymes that have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Regular filtered honey doesn’t contain these due to the pasteurizing process. Within the honeycomb are a lot of carbohydrates as well as antioxidants.

Honeycomb Honey Promotes Better Health

When you’re asking what you should know about honeycomb honey, this is an important detail. You can get multiple health benefits from honeycomb and the honey within. Many of the antioxidants mentioned above are beneficial in reducing inflammation and strengthening your immune system. This helps your body fight better against certain bacteria and fungi. The beeswax in honeycomb also contains long-chain fatty acids, which are good for the heart and lowering cholesterol levels. Within the beeswax are also types of alcohols that are thought to improve liver function. Furthermore, using honeycomb honey instead of sugar and other sweeteners is a great alternative. People suffering from diabetes will especially benefit from this option.

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