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Everything You Need to Know About Raw Honey

What exactly is raw honey? It might seem somewhat confusing to some when they come across this particular option. Raw honey happens to be a unique product. While it still comes from the same place as regular honey, raw honey offers many benefits to people that regular honey does not. Much of this has to do with the different ways honey is produced. Honey is generally known for having a lot of natural health benefits, but regular honey does not actually have as many as you might have thought. Not only does it go through the long processes of pasteurization and heavy filtration, but regular honey can end up having unhealthy additives in it like sugar and artificial sweeteners, whereas you would never see this in raw honey. Furthermore, it is raw, unpasteurized honey that holds most of the properties that benefit one’s health. Many people go shopping for honey and do not realize the major differences between raw honey and regular honey. Since it can be very easy to miss the major differences of regular honey when out at the grocery store, it is important to read up on them in order to understand all of the benefits that raw honey has to offer. Here we have created a list to explore everything you need to know about raw honey.

Raw Honey is Pure and Natural

When raw honey and regular honey are compared, the raw honey is commonly described as honey that has come straight out of the beehive. This is because raw honey goes through very little processing when going from the hive to the bottle. This is honey gathered by beekeepers who are specialists in the extraction process who ensure the honey is provided in its most pure form. The process for extracting raw honey begins with being carefully poured from the hive. The honey can be poured over a nylon cloth which will filter out impurities like remaining beeswax or any dead bees. After this, it is bottled, and that’s all. This is how all its nutrients remain. The process of pasteurization which is typically done through heating the honey to a high temperature is completely avoided. The process is meant to make the honey smoother and void of things like air bubbles. However, this also destroys much of the vitamins and enzymes which results in honey that is far less healthy, along with sugar and high fructose corn syrup being added to enhance flavor.

Raw Honey is the Most Nutritious

As mentioned above, because of the different vitamins and enzymes, honey is incredibly nutritious in its raw form. Raw, unpasteurized honey also contains various compounds that act as antioxidants such as phytochemicals, flavonoids, and ascorbic acid. These antioxidants are thought to help with preventing cancers by combatting oxidative stress in our bodies. Raw honey has also been linked to helping reduce inflammation in the body, which also becomes useful in preventing atherosclerosis, diabetes, and heart disease. Because raw honey retains all of its natural sweetness, it can be a great healthy substitute for sugar and other sweeteners.

Raw Honey Retains Healthy Pollens

During the process that bees make honey, they leave certain amounts of pollen that has been collected from going back and forth to different flowers. These pollens can be very healthy for our consumption. Pollen is also helpful to honey producers. Companies can use the pollen to trace the honey back to the original source it came from in order to confirm it is completely real, pure honey. When the honey contains a higher amount of pollen, producers can trace it to the type of flower it came from, which then can be linked to the region of the country it originates. This can help to prove that the honey is fresh and from within the country.

Raw Honey is an Efficient Fuel Source

Many of the natural ingredients in raw honey can act as healthy energy for your body. Unlike the unnatural energy that you experience from processed sugars, raw honey is much easier on your system. The honey has a glycemic index that is much lower than the sugar found in most sweets. This means that your body processes the sugars of the honey at a slower pace. This ultimately prevents you from experiencing what is known as a sugar crash. Raw honey will allow you to have a steady flow of energy throughout the day. Rather than eating a bunch of candy bars and relying on unhealthy snacks to satisfy your sweet tooth, try some other healthier foods with the honey added to them for a healthy, yet still sweet treat. Honey can pair very well with a wide variety of food like fruits, nuts, and root vegetables to name a few.

Raw Honey is Full Flavored

Of everything you need to know about raw honey, this is one of the most important. When honey is in its purest, unfiltered form, it will have the best taste. If you have only been using regular honey throughout your life, you are missing out. Regular honey relies on added sweetener to keep a lot of its flavor. Without the added sugar, it would be rather bland. Even with this added ingredient, the resulting flavor cannot compare to the natural taste that comes from honey that’s straight out of the beehive. Along with all the natural vitamins, enzymes, and pollens, the extraction process also does away with the honey’s natural flavor. It is worth shopping around for the highest quality raw and unfiltered honey. They are many honey producers that have full stores online with some of the most natural raw honey produced around the country. But why stop there? It is also worth noting that many producers also offer honey with added natural flavors. You can come by options that are made with all-natural ingredients including blueberry, cranberry, orange, and others. Consider these options when you’re having people over for a delicious dinner. The flavors of the honey can pair wonderfully with cheese for delicious appetizers, as well as other options including fish, butter, coffee, and desserts.

Everything You Need to Know About Raw Honey Infographic

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